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When handling propane, it’s essential to make sure you’re doing so safely. That’s why we offer safety information and resources to help protect our customers. Propane has an odor added to it to make it easier to detect. We recommend every member of the household know what propane smells like, how to detect a leak, and what to do if you suspect one. Residential and commercial clients can turn to our team at Owens Energy in Show Low, AZ, for more information, tips, and advice on propane systems.

Tips for Relighting Your Pilot Light

Relighting pilots is a job best left to our qualified technicians. However, if you need to relight the pilots yourself, please check out this list of tips:

Turn off all appliance controls and manual shutoff valves
Slowly open the tank shutoff valve
Smell for the presence of propane at floor level and other low spots before attempting to relight the pilot
If you detect propane – STOP and see our recommendations for if you smell or suspect a gas leak
Follow manufacturer’s instructions for pilot lighting

What to Do in Case of a Leak

If you smell or suspect a leak, it’s important to follow the following steps to keep you and your loved ones safe.

• Put out smoking materials and any other open flames
• Don’t operate any appliances, switches, or thermostats
• Evacuate the premises
• Shut off the gas supply by using the shutoff valve at the tank or cylinder
• Using a cell phone or neighbor’s phone, call your propane supplier
• Stay outside. Make sure you leave the gas off until the leak has been found and fixed

In the event of an accident or a gas leak, call (800) 633-8253 immediately.

For 24-hour emergency service you can count on, call us at (928) 537-8900

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